About Us

Sentido Health (Sentido means “Heartfelt” in Spanish) is a new company, specializing in new-market comprehensive care models, direct-to-patient education and the in-home delivery of medical supplies.

Sentido prides itself in our compassionate understanding of the many obstacles and challenges that confront our patient population and caregivers. Our purpose is to assist these families reduce the stresses related to caring for a chronically ill patient in today’s complicated health care environment. We do this through our innovate care models, product offerings and clinical resource programs.

Patient Mission

We strive to put the patient’s needs ahead of all other actions. Take care of the patient first, and we know everything else will take care of itself

Global Mission

To create, to innovate and to inspire, a socially responsible care model resulting in an integration of engaged patients, families and providers, striving for a better way of life through better outcomes